Monday, May 21, 2012

Guest Blogger Contest!

To all of my gorgeous and fabulous readers,
I am super excited to be announcing a new contest! This contest will be great for anyone who wants to promote their blog and get some exposure as a new blogger. This may also bring you some new followers and loyal readers to your blog. The topic of this contest is: Summer Trends 2012. The rules are as follows:

1.) You need to be following my blog, (the one you are reading right now) in order to win, as I need to be able to receive your entry.
2.) You need to create a blog post titled"Summer Trends 2012" listing your 5 favorite summer trends, and an affordable way to achieve each one.
3.) You need to send the blog post to my email,, where I will choose my favorite entry which will be featured on this blog! I will be looking for creative entries that fulfill all the requirements!

Tips To Get More Exposure:
1.) Make sure to sign your blogs name at the bottom of your entry as well as any other links you wish to promote!

This contest will end on June 4th. I will pick the winner and notify them within 24 hours.
Good luck to everyone! I hope your as excited for this contest as I am!

Summer 2012

Summer 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Beauty Books!-Lauren Conrad's "Style"

Dear my oh-so-lovely followers & new readers,
I have recently been searching for a great beauty and fashion book to read. I have also been currently obsessed with changing around my closet and buying all the necessary pieces to complete ensembles. So when I came across the book Style by Lauren Conrad, I was instantly in love. This book features all of the important items to get to build your closet into a good foundation. It also features some of Lauren's favorite pieces in her closet. Not only does this book feature fashion articles, there are also sections on beauty,hair and even packing for different length trips. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to any of my fashionistas out there like myself! (Below is a link to where you can find this book)

Where to order this book:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trend-Setting Sites!

As a fashion blogger myself, I always look for new and exciting websites that state the latest trends. I often look to other beauty bloggers for their advice on trend setting websites. One type of website that I love in particular is the "monthly subscription" website which allows you to choose an item each month for a monthly fee. Nowadays, they have these kinds of websites on everything from makeup to cupcakes (it's just making me hungry even thinking about it). Here's one of my favorite sites, which features tons of different products from designers like BCBGeneration, Betsey Johnson, Kenneth Cole and many more!

So what is "" anyways?
This website is a monthly subscription that you pay $50 for, ($100 value). You get to pick one "major" item worth up to 100 dollars. There are many different choices from accessories to beauty to even home goods! All of these items come from name brand designers. The best part? At the checkout, you will receive two other smaller gifts, courtesy of lbb.

Wanna check out Little Black Bag? Click the link below!