Monday, April 16, 2012

Be A Trendsetter :The Affordable Way!

As alot of you know, keeping up with the latest "trends" can be pretty expensive. Especially when your a student, or even when you just don't feel like spending $80 on a pair of khaki shorts. As a fellow trendsetter myself, I like to look my best and in-style at all times. I also don't ever like to feel guilty for purchases I've made. Here is an affordable way to wear all of the latest Summer 2012 trends. I hope you all like it.xoxo,
Alli <3

1.) Colored Shorts- I've found that most designers have been featuring a colored bottom, or more or less, colored shorts in their latest creations/ styles. Here's an adorable pair I found at Forever 21 for only $11. What a steal! I will definitely be sporting the orange pair!
Shorts (More Colors Available) Forever 21-$10.50

2.) 60's Dresses- Many people knew the 60's era as the era, of peace,hippies and love. It was also the era of great fashion. This Summer, full skirts and 60's esq dresses make a huge comeback.
Dress: H&M-$19.95

3.) Gold- Gold jewelry, Gold dresses, you name it! Anything GOLD makes it on the trend list for Summer 2012.
Women's Multi-Loop Chain Necklaces from Old Navy-$15.94

4.) Neon Cropped Top- Incorporating two trends, neon and cropped tops, this punk, graphic tee-shirt makes it onto the trend list.
Crazy Love Tank from Forever 21-$11.80


  1. Love those teal shorts!

  2. Me too! So hot this summer :)