Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Be Bikini Ready This Summer!

Some girls cringe when they hear the word, BIKINI SEASON. Everyone get's insecure sometimes. That is no reason for covering ourselves up in a huge piece of fabric. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin.If you wanna wear a bikini, ROCK IT GIRL! Here are some cute, trendy styles that are sure to meet everyones needs!

1.)  The Classic Bikini- This classic "triangle" design suits many different body types and can look good on anyone if they rock it! This bikini, (shown below) also ties in the nautical trend with the anchors on the top and bottom.
PacSun Top- $19.50 Bottom- $17.50

2.) Bandeau Style Bikini- This cute style can make even the littelest of chest's look bigger. These cute bikinis can be worn with an around the neck strap or even just as a strapless top. These are perfect for getting a nice tan, (since you won't get tan lines up top). I reccomend these suits for girls that have smaller chests. But if you like these and don't have a small chest, like I said, rock it!
Forever 21 Top- $10.80 Bottom $12.80

3.) Monokini- This seriousley trendy suit is sure to catch the eye with it's daring cutouts and plunging neckline. This "monokini" can make even the straightest girls look curvy. These are also great for girls that don't wanna reveal too much skin.
Victoria's Secret Black Wireless Push-Up Monokini-$79

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