Thursday, September 29, 2011

Which One Broke The Bank?

Hey Everyone! So today's post is an interactive post about getting the look for less. I've been really into finding expensive items and then going to places like Forever21 and H&M to find "dupes" for these items. Below are two similar items next to each other. After you make your guess on which one cost more money, you can look below the items to see if you're right! If you like these types of posts, please comment below and tell me! :')

1.) Which Ring Cost More? Ring A = On Top, Ring B= On Bottom

Answer: Ring B Cost 125$ by Kate Spade. Ring A Cost $4.80 by Forever21

2.) Which Scarf Cost More? Scarf A =On Left, Scarf B= On Right

Answer: Scarf A Cost $35 from Gap,while Scarf B from H&M only cost $6.

The whole purpose of this post was to show you that you can find the same or cuter clothes for HALF the price. Hope you liked this post.
<3 Beautyguru212

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  1. GURLL, YOU SO STYLISH! I got them both rightt oh yeaa!