Friday, September 30, 2011

How Addicted To Mascara Are You?

Hey Bloggers! Today's post is another interactive one for all you mascara-addicts out there such as myself! Below are five of some of the best known mascaras on the market,(just the wands of course). I want YOU to see how well you know you're mascaras! Email me your answers for Mascaras 1-5 @ The first one that answers back with all of the right answers will get they're name and links posted in this post.

Mascara #1-

Mascara #2-

Mascara #3

Mascara #4

Mascara #5

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  1. This is a great game! It's such a shame that 3 of the pictures are broken :( is my blog if you wanna have a look or follow me? :) Thanks! xx