Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beautyguru's Tips & Tricks!: Looking Good For Picture Day!

Hey Everyone! Today's post is on looking awesome for your picture day! Whether you are taking a picture for your School ID,Work ID or even your drivers license, you want to be sure you are looking your best. Here are some of my tips on how you should wear your hair,makeup and outfit to ensure that this years photo will you're best!

#1. Drink tons of water the day before! This will keep you're skin looking fresh and hydrated.

#2. Make sure you get alot of sleep the night before. This will keep you energized as well as decrease those dark circles you usually have from being a night owl.

#3. If you wear foundation, try to wear a matte foundation so that your skin does not look shiny or oily.

#4. Do a natural eye look. Blue eyeshadow may be in now, but when you look back at your photo 10 years from now you will think, what was I thinking? Natural shadows will always be in style.

#5. Do a natural smile. Try to think of something happy or funny.

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