Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hair Styles For Every Length!

Hey everyone! Today's post I thought would be a very helpful to people who have shorter hair and need some cute hair style ideas! I thought I would also throw in some medium and long haired styles as well so everyone can read this post. Enjoy!
Short Hair: Accessories Are Your Best Friend
1.) Add Funky Pins! Below: Forever21 Wild Heart Bobby Pin Set-$1.50

Product Image Elle Girl Assorted Rossette Headband - Black/ Pink/ Silver (3 Pack)
2.Add A Headband With A Bow!Above -Elle Girl Assorted Rossette Headbands-$7.00-Target

Medium Hair: Curls Look Cute!
1.) Pin It Up!-Look At meganheartsmakeup's video on making your hair look "fashionably messy"(Below)
2.) Curl Your Ponytail!-Pull all your hair to one side,pulling random strands out of the front and curling them.

Long Hair: Anything Goes!
1.) Do A Pouf!-Keeping Those long layers out of your face for school is ideal! Just tease at the front of your head,brush back and secure with bobby pins.
2.) Do A Fishtail Braid!-Here is a video showing you how to rock this cool hairstyle!FoxyLocksExtentions(Below)


  1. I love the fishtail braid but i just cant master it ha.
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