Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ulta Starter Kit

This is my suggestions for a starter kit, when going to Ulta. Ulta is a great place to buy makeup because it is a mix between a drugstore and a Sephora or department store. Here are some of my starter/favorite items that you should pick up while your their.

1.) L'oreal True Match Naturale Mineral Concealer
2.) Almay Line Smoothing Pressed Powder
3.) Cargo Beach Blush in Sunset Beach

1.) Ulta Eyeshadow in Toast
2.) Ulta Kohl Eyeliner in Bronze
3.) Mabelline Great Lash Mascara

1.) Sally Hansen Lip Inflation
2.) Ulta Sheer Lipstick in Sheer Shine
3.) L'oreal Infallible Lipliner in Pink

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  1. Hey There! Nice post, I think I might do something like this on my own blog now because this is such a good idea!